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How it works - B4YAA

B4YAA - Be part of it


The Yorkshire Air Ambulance runs two helicopters from sunrise to midnight, every single day at a cost of £12K per day.


They save lives when no-one else can.

B4YAA (Bikers For Yorkshire Air Ambulance) is how we say thank you. Thank you for the rescues, thank you for the
service, thanks for having our backs.

I’m guessing we all know someone who’s been helped by the YAA.   Now’s the chance to show our appreciation with this unique, approved charity campaign.


Successful applicants will be photographed by Tom and will appear in the first 2022 edition of the #B4YAA Year Book.  In return for this opportunity you will be asked to make a donation of no less than £75 to the YAA Charity.

What’s your story?

B4YAA is on the hunt for bikers with a story. What do you have to say about your bike, the YAA, your time on the road?

We’ll help you tell it in the most powerful way possible.

A professional motorbike portrait shoot that reflects you – your why, your freedom, your story, your bike. Everything you stand for.


Capture the passion


Your shoot is about your biking passion: whether that’s off the beaten track in the Yorkshire wilds or with an edgy urban feel.


You know what it feels like: that one perfect line on the road.

But have you ever captured it?


B4YAA is a portrait shoot focused on only one thing: capturing you and your bike - in the best possible light.


You can relax knowing that everything is taken care of: the lighting, the staging, the look. You just need to show up, have

fun and let us shoot your dream machine.


Every penny of your shoot fee will go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, keeping the helicopters airborne.


The B4YAA prints and book


Successful applicants (and there is limited availability) will have one of your images from the shoot, along with your story, featured in the the B4YAA year book; a beautifully printed and bound coffee table book planned for publication in December 2022.


This book will capture the biking spirit of Yorkshire, showcasing the people on the road, the people who know what they stand for, the people who want to give back.


Are you in?


We are looking for just 50 people to be part of the first B4YAA campaign.


People who are passionate enough to share their story, to shoot their dream, to give to the YAA. Is that you? Or do you know someone who would be perfect?

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